Student support and Alumni

Research and Innovation

With the increasingly rapid transformation in our education industry, Aviation College of Kenya is also adapting. The dynamic changes in the modern world, has raised the need to encourage our students to be highly innovative. Taking a look at the technological and social changes, we are in dire need of such capabilities and skills. For instance, in infrastructure development, we need engineers, architects, electricians, IT specialists, among others. This has pushed us to introduce Research and Innovation in the curriculum.

In the recent years, we have revised our programs to ensure our students are competent enough to do any job or create their own. Projects, Business plans and Research are now part of the curriculum. Units like Research and Entrepreneurship are being taught early in the courses so that students grasp them as they advance in their learning. We also organize competitions where groups of students work on projects together from their first year in college.

This program helps us to promote Research and Innovation among our student. Eventually, they become Pacesetters, Innovators, and Job creators that can link the knowledge they have acquired with the existing challenges to transform our economy and help in achieving Vision 2030.

Industrial attachment and internships

With the changing dynamics within the business industry, digital technology and the constant transitions in the world, Aviation College of Kenya puts its efforts towards modern training programs to meet these advanced needs and expectations. We have therefore included attachments and internships as a mandatory part of the curriculum after the course.

This enables our students acquire vast experience and get to know the inner workings and operations of companies. This in return provides full understanding of the business world and the specific industry each student wants to work in after graduation. To top it up, the internship also provides the students with the relevant working experiences that each employer is looking for. Most of our students are actually absorbed after the attachment due to their competency.

We ensure that our students go through internships and attachments to also help them gain and build their confidence during interviews. We also encourage all our students going for these internships to build important networks and connections that will help them in the future. We realize that networking and building of professional relationships with industry players is important in all sectors of the economy.

The benchmark of our college has always been reflected in the success of our graduates.

Scholarships and College fees payment support

Education is not just literacy; it is an effective tool to eradicate the vicious cycle of poverty and a powerful channel for personal progress. Providing assistance to needy students gives room for a chance to change their economic status.

Aviation College of Kenya has an online portal of sponsorship known as Virtual foster. We are determined to break the generational poverty among impoverished families living in developing countries by investing in their education.

Majority of the youth miss the opportunity to further their education as a result of poverty, being orphaned or vulnerable. Looking at the recent statistics, students who sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) majority of them qualified to join good secondary schools. Unfortunately, they will not be able to do so since their parents and families cannot afford to pay for their secondary education.

Through sponsorship program we are revolutionizing socioeconomic development in Kenya by supporting needy students to access quality education.

We target poor, orphans marginalized and vulnerable students. Through what we are instilling in our students, those who graduate from our college will be able to give back to society by uplifting their families from poverty and deprivation.